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Micky Barlow Art

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Visitors to Aboriginal artist Micky Barlow’s gallery can observe this talented practitioner at work and learn the stories and symbols behind her vibrant dot paintings.

Micky, a Kokatha woman, is a contemporary artist who enjoys interacting with guests at her McLaren Vale studio, gallery and shop.

It is a warm, friendly space where you can chat with Micky and maybe even meet her mum, Gwen, who is often in the studio threading quandong and ininti seed necklaces.

In addition to the intricate dot paintings, the gallery showcases hand-woven baskets, wood burning (punu) objects and a signature range of hand-painted homewares including candle holders, cheese boards, lazy susans, salad bowls and serving trays.

“People who come here are really wanting to learn more, they’re so interested in the culture and they like to watch me at work and see the work is authentic,” Micky says.

“That’s why I love being here, it’s not just about people buying my art, but I am teaching a little bit about my culture and where I’m from. I’d dabbled with art a few years earlier purely for relaxation but took up art full time in 2016 and haven’t looked back. From a little hobby it has grown to be much, much more”.

The self-taught artist spent a year with her late grandmother (on her mother’s side) talking about colours and symbols she could use in her paintings.

Her grandmother was also the inspiration behind an evocative painting called Wattle Seed which was a finalist in the prestigious 2018 Waterhouse Art Prize. It now enjoys pride of place on her gallery wall.

“Nanna used to take us camping when we were kids and she’d make wattleseed damper and cook it on the campfire so the wattleseed features prominently,” Micky says.

Must do experience: Dot painting workshops where Micky talks participants through their designs, helps them make a plan of the story they want to tell and teaches them about Aboriginal symbols - suitable for individuals, family or work groups.

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  • 252 Main Road, McLaren Vale South Australia 5171