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Adelaide Biplanes

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Vintage and classic, timelessly sensual, raw and awe inspiring, the choice of biplanes is truly unique. Open Cockpit Biplane Experiences - Imagine the joy and sheer romance of an open cockpit flight along the stunning McLaren Vale wine regional coastline. Choose from our 4 Biplane experiences.

Take to the skies for your choice of flight, listen to the rumble of the engines, the whistle of the wind in the wires, experience open cockpit flying with the wind in your hair and no perspex to obstruct your view of the beauty of this part of the world.

Which biplane experience is the question?

Flight Training - We are a family business offering point of difference training in a truly unique fleet of aeroplanes. We specialise in tailwheel training, that little wheel on the back of the aeroplane that means your feet must work when you land. This increases the skill of the student/Pilot and we liken it to putting a student in a manual car to learn to drive compared to the automatic.

Our Instructors are also Commercial Pilots and if you wish to travel to Arkaroola overnight, visit Lake Eyre, stay at Birdsville, need to go to an important meeting at Pt Lincoln or Mt Gambier then we can get you there!

Tailwheel Endorsement

Floatplane Endorsement

Aerobatic Endorsement

Formation Endorsement

Spin Rating

Retractable Undercarriage Endorsement

Manual Propeller Pitch Control Endorsement (CSU)

Night Visual Flight Rules (VFR)

Flight Instructor Rating

Controlled Airspace Endorsement

Controlled Aerodrome Endorsement

Private Instrument Rating

Command Instrument Rating

Multi Engine Rating

PC12 Endorsement

King Air Endorsement

Charter Flight - At Adelaide Biplanes we offer charter flights to anywhere in Australia.

Casual Dining - Our branding is 1940's/1950's. At that time, food was homebaked using recipes that would feed the Shearers, the Stock Agents, the CFS volunteers fighting bushfires, the men in the paddock carting hay and the Aviators landing in the paddocks or on the beach.

All our cakes are baked in The Kitchen using free range eggs and butter. The bacon is made locally for us to go into our Hakuna Matata bacon and egg sandwiches that aircraft land for ... Have you heard of the $100 burger, the cost of the fuel far outweighing the cost of the sandwich but rather it is the treat at the end of the flight!

We love coffee too .... Relax on the decking and enjoy the ambience.

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  • 174 Colville Road, Aldinga Airfield, Aldinga SA 5173, Australia

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